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Build more public rental see also gnaw cattle cattle
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We seem to live in a "cattle" run time. Spring Festival to go home, train hard to get a ticket, find a "cattle" is very easy to buy high-priced tickets; Rene Suzhou will perform at the concert this week, said "cattle" We have Tuen tickets in hand, trying to work hard for a vote. All in all, "ticket scalper," "tickets cattle" is considered a "club will carry on," is now fashionable "rental" of cattle, they will be low-cost rented housing, with plywood separated into several small compartments, the most can accommodate more than 20 tenants, a profit and earn more rental profits. According to authorities, said that rental cattle "director" of the base rent over the phenomenon of suburban township in Suzhou had become the spreading trend. Public rental "cattle" faulted twofold. First, drive up housing monopoly rent. Rent cattle as the "head tenant" role, they are pegged to the local community for free rental intermediary services, and if there is rental housing, rent immediately hand to sublet. These "cattle" is often a person controls the source of two or three suites, the monopoly of the regional low-end rental housing market, workers have to pay higher rent for this. The second is rent "cattle" to base rent way profit. A great group of security risks of renting, because the materials are basically wooden partition, if fire and other accidents, will be formed on the inside of the tenants a lot of damage. Therefore, the cattle control "group rental," no doubt, is to take the lives of tenants and property of their profit in the event of accidents, and murder is no different. Although this community is both angry and helpless behavior, and how regulation has become difficult. "Cattle" are constantly changing with the money of the "vest", but the operation always means the same strain, regardless of the ticket, "cattle" or rent "cattle", are tied up at the business sense of "hoarding" of the routine, control a large demand outstrips supply of scarce resources, buy low sell high profit. After all, rent "Yellow" and Ticket "cattle", still is a market arbitrage. Both market behavior, assault-style government administration alone regulation, is unlikely to be effective, Suzhou base rent "long lasting" is also evidence to the contrary with this. Although the Suzhou has issued local regulations, Tenant shall not be less than the per capita housing area of 12 square meters, but limited to the high cost of management, regulatory and other factors is not easy, and ultimately management only in the "public anger" some great concentration and control the time, left time under the laissez-faire state, and gradually into a "rectification, recurrence, then remediation and continue to relapse" cycle. Market, will eventually be resolved within the framework of the market. This is a social problem can be solved numerous experiences of the Road, rent "cattle" and the group of rent, nor be an exception. They are deformed under the high prices of social rental product is an upgrade version of the dwelling. Adhere to the "two hands" in order to prevent scalpers and group rental. One hand and management, tenant and landlord to rely on the boycott, to stop Real Estate Agents and the "head tenant" for rent reform and business groups, while legislation to establish long-term management mechanism. One hand and the supply of rental market. Some information from the police perspective, "Scalpers" group rental "customers" are mostly young migrant workers. The era of high prices, most of the fighting in the city's young people must face the short-term reality can not afford housing, and a lower level of wage income in rent while making no larger selection. In the context of rent increases, gregarious nature of its bound and helpless dwelling choice. They are "not only can not afford low-cost affordable housing and inadequate housing conditions" in the main population, which is the "sandwich class" of a representative population. Appropriate for them to provide a large number of rental housing, so that the city housing the "sandwich class" improve living conditions in order to truly let the base rent is not the market. For the "sandwich class" of the housing problem, housing Qi Ji, vice minister of construction last year to speed up the construction of public rental housing. Said Qi Ji, public rental is owned by the government or public agencies of all, with below-market prices or the lessee can afford to hire new staff house jobs, including some new college graduates, and some migration from the field to the city to work in groups. Unfortunately, now available to migrant workers living in low-rent "of public rental" is really not much, but most of them have limited capacity, such as university graduates to apply for those units. Therefore, in the long run the government vigorously promote the public rental system more than a building of public rental, rent to rent a small cattle and a large group. To enjoy their homes, the respect for each worker is a symbol of social civilization and progress, and only for those who like the low-income groups can enjoy the benefits of social progress, so that their living conditions more humane point, it is the only social blessing.
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