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Renters do business prepayment "margin"
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"Enterprise rental office to pay wages to pay deposit first." Yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant departments, by the end of the town of Doumen District Paojiang leasing companies will be fully implemented system of wage payment bond, which is the first city to implement the system in the township . This year in March, the town has been in charge of Doumen Village and Zhejiang Jiangguan You Dress Group Co., Ltd. Trial Wage payment deposit system, through the village and the business, business to pay their rental deposit related parties signed a wage agreement, there were 11 leasing companies to pay "wages payment bond ", a total of 20 million. "Margin payment of wages in the enterprise can be difficult to cash wages, peace of mind for staff work." Holland Village labor security supervisors Zhuai Qin told reporters that the pilot process, set up factories in the village rental companies are highly motivated. "As requested, the end of the year, there will be more than 100 leasing companies to pay wages to pay money." Municipal Labor Security Supervision Detachment Doumen squadron leader Yu Zongquan introduced, the implementation of wage payment system in the range margin area leased plant, premises and equipment in the production business activities of enterprises and other employers and lessors. As requested, the wage payment deposit by the lessor is responsible for collecting, leasing companies required to pay, the deposit collection of standards for the leasing companies typically 3 months to 10 times the total wages, rent deposit of establishment of special accounts to pay wages; wage payment deposit or vacancies happen in the number of workers more substantial increases, Lessor shall promptly supplement or supervision requires leasing companies to increase wages to pay deposit. Implementation of wage payment earmarked deposits, leasing companies owed wages, and indeed unable to pay wages in full and in time, you can enable the enterprise wage payment deposit. Meanwhile, the lessor to perform its regulatory obligations, that leasing companies have wage behavior, especially the transfer of property has a tendency to escape payment of wages, should promptly report the relevant departments, such as management, ineffective supervision, the occurrence of the owners to escape payment of wages, will be jointly and severally liable and wages paid in advance. This reporter learned that, in order to effectively prevent and resolve leasing companies owed wages and the consequent mass incidents, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers, this year's early November, Shaoxing Municipal Labor Security Supervision Detachment also introduced the "leasing companies on the organization of wage payment implementation margin system views. " Accordance with the "advice" requirement, the leasing companies deposit wage payment system will be gradually extended in the city, around the implementation of the leasing business deposit wage payment system, established by the township and manage the special account.
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