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Nan Yi Xun price to join the city "rental family"
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Property market, house prices have been the public streets, the buzz they live and work, and housing is the traditional Chinese thinking, but the high prices many people can not afford to buy a house economic pressure, have to purchase Into the rent, which also contributed to the continuous development of our city rental industry. Especially in recent years has increased the old city of Jiujiang dangerous shantytowns, rental industry showing the number of rental housing, rental volume and rapid increases in rent prices Momentum, especially in the city center area, rent price increase is more pronounced. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show Jiujiang Investigation Team, 2008, 2009, 2010, three-year lease price means the city Housing 102.9,104.0,104.7 respectively, showed sustained rising trend. Jiujiang City, growing family rental According to the National Bureau of Investigation Team were on the city of Jiujiang City in 105 households in the housing rental rent investigation report, the current renters Liucheng above Jiujiang Jiujiang locals. In recent years, although the foreign population Renters is rising, but prices are too high, for convenient, easy children to school, get married and many other factors have led more and more local people to rent in Jiujiang City, among the ranks. Rent in the city family, Sichengyishang lower annual household income. Annual household income below 10,000 yuan accounted for 16.3%; annual income of 1 to 3 million households accounted for 44.2%; annual income of 3 to 6 million families accounted for 31.1%; annual income of 60,000 Yuan accounted for 8.4% of families. People aged 26 to 35 families as the main force of rent, accounting for about Liucheng. Most of the time most of Jiujiang in rental units are willing to rent a house the family lived, and bachelor living in a lower The principle of housing costs, more willing to sharing with others. Select the reason for the rent, in addition to price is too high, many people also for other reasons to consider. Wang people in Bali in 2008 Lake District purchased a 120 square meters of new houses, but considering the 8-year-old daughter to school The problem, he chose to live in the four-terminal rental. "While it certainly can not compare the living conditions of a new house, but renting solve every day through rain and wind to go kids to the practical difficulties, I think renting is a very wise decision The. "Mr. Wang said. While the other part of the family rental housing there is room to improve living conditions, their own houses rented out a small chamber, with rent subsidies also rented the big house living room. Thousands of government low cost housing and rental housing the most sought-after Rental housing market in Jiujiang, two bedroom and the monthly rent of less than 1,000 yuan Jiujiang public rental housing the most popular. Nearly half of renters preferred almost two-bedroom houses, which with the current rental market in the actual delivery of residential Easy to match hot spots; followed by one bedroom, rent ratio of 11.5%. In addition, inexpensive bungalow appreciated. Choose to rent houses, the biggest determinant of location, everyone want to rent a room from her office near the children go to school easily, followed by the low rents. Most people want shopping convenience rental locations , Residential environment is comfortable, or the interior of the house make their own satisfaction. Rental price for the psychological endurance, most people want less than 1,000 yuan monthly rent, only a few people in the mental endurance of the price of 2,000 yuan, which is currently on the market in Jiujiang City, the actual level of rent form larger Contrast. According to information released by Statistics Bureau show that 1 to 3 quarters of this year, the city rental prices rose 4.7% over the previous year. In the rental, the landlord breach of contract, casual or earlier price increases to recover the house were renters biggest worry. "Moving is the most troubling, and I hope to enter into a valid rental contract before and the landlord to ensure that housing Relative stability. "People rent for many years Lee has moved house 3 times, twice because the landlord to recover rent to own homes, and the other can not afford to keep up her rent, Ms. Lee frequently move has been so badly to Interference. In Jiujiang, public rental, low-cost housing for its "low-cost, high quality, rest assured," features the brand family has been renting their home. Renting to buy long way to go The industry believes that home from home the traditional Chinese philosophy and economic point of view, there are still some questions about renting a lifetime. First, from a management point of view, the current rental market is not yet a standardized market is chaotic, many landlords of rental housing agency does not choose a regular, but privately leased, only to see the identity of renters Rental license will be to each other, the larger security risk; the other hand, quite a mixed bag of intermediary companies, employees are to be improved quality and standardization. Second, the rents resulting uncertainty is difficult to predict the future renters Years or even decades after the changes in housing rents. China's economic development process and the real estate market prices determine the rise in China's future is much room for housing rent, housing rent may now account for home renters Household income of 20% to 30%, but 20 to 30 years, this proportion is likely to reach 50% or higher. The housing agency generally agreed that the monthly rental income accounted for only 40% or less reasonable, more than this proportion may More cost effective to purchase a. Third, in addition to price factors, the rental period conditions of uncertainty and lack of housing available is also difficult to want to have a stable life as rental housing tenants to their own home. Therefore, many Rental households choose to rent even if temporarily, the long-term goal or wish to have their own set of houses.
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