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Set of the upcoming 8000 Guangzhou mainly in the center of public rental six d
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Guangzhou provision of public rental tenants can rent-to-buy affordable housing. Datang plans settled there Tongde and distribution of 1,700 sets of six districts in the city center Demand for public rental Guangzhou launched investigations aimed against the "sandwich class" of the lease requirements. According to the Housing Authority's definition of "sandwich class" refers to the security conditions do not meet the low-rent housing, affordable housing can not afford another people, and affordable housing beyond the scope of protection could not afford another group of ordinary housing. Said the real estate sector, the public rental housing will affect the private rental market, depends on two factors: the amount of public rental how much? How much is the rent determined? Upcoming 8000 sets, about the equivalent of one year rental volume Guangzhou 1 / 60, if the continuous supply of private rental market must be under pressure. Where are the? Center houses six major areas scattered Municipal Office of housing security, according to the relevant responsible person said that the construction from the government of Guangzhou, the three old transformation, social forces, Zhiguangongfang four channels to finance reconstruction of public rental. The future will require the transfer of commercial land in the construction of a number of public rental, also provides the first built public rental. Some of these plots are expected in the central city, the main consideration should be distributed evenly as possible to meet the needs of people in different regions. Preliminary plans for public rental housing is currently located in the Baiyun District, Boat Road, cross section of the east pit area and is located in Haizhu District Tongde Chigang Road, south west of Tai Tong Xinguang Triangle project. According to the Housing Authority on October 17 housing authorities in the protection of consultation revealed that six districts of Guangzhou city to recover from about 1,700 sets of the stock of housing, including government Zhiguangongfang, the units in the housing reform during the construction of self-management public housing and education systems, housing, it is learned that 1,700 sets of "will serve as an important supplement to public rental is being arranged for eligible families to stay." During the consultation meeting, the leaders said: "Guangzhou is a feature of public rental housing can be affordable conversion, in line with the conditions of public rental tenants rent-to-buy affordable housing." Public renters can rent-to-buy, this is people look forward to. How much rental income? To be less than market value Bacheng In the October 17 advisory activities, the public generally reflected in the program was announced, the public rental rent into a "80% of market rent." The leaders said: 80% is not absolute, but an upper limit standard, housing security office will house rents in different parts of the record and guidance. House edge under the sun announced record residential area and the first month lease rental terms, the city in September this year, the unit cost of rent for residential leases for the record only 11.5 yuan / m2 / month, and year-out leasing transactions under analysis show that the city's rent is priced at 33.5 Yuan / m2 / month. What is a reference to what the market rent standard, this being unknown. Would impact on the rental market? 8000 sets of drop in the bucket Industry conservative inference, the average monthly rent in Guangzhou houses about 4 million units, compared to 48 million units around the year. The upcoming end of the market rent is only 8,000 sets of the public is clearly not enough to pose a threat to the entire rental market. The survey of public rental needs of people with annual disposable income of 7 million is limited, most of these people is the current tenants of private buildings, "over customers," war is inevitable.
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