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Yantai tight rental housing prices have gone up only long-term rental housing ha
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   Jellyfish News Network September 14 (YMG Reporter Sun Miao) days, the reporter has interviewed the cultural road, Youth Road, several second-hand housing agency, learned that the tenant the day, a number of intermediate significant increase in the amount of rent

, The rental market is in short supply, just listed homes, two or three days you can rent
Out. Rental prices have started to rise.

    Encouraged by this, many homeowners said that in order for a house to rent a good price, they will be packed rental housing to improve the hardware level.

    Tenant: Housing hard to find only a long term lease

    "We are here mostly rental rent of more than one year, want to rent to short-term rental housing, you also need luck, estimates have to wait a few days." Yesterday morning, Mr. Zhang public consultation in a real estate agent

Rent a house, got the staff that answer. Zhang looked anxious rent, the staff member to Mr. Zhang had an idea: "You can choose a long-term rental house, so you do not live, and sub-leased to other

People. "

    Mr Zhang, who had the same experience a few. Work in the urban areas of a company's security lady told reporters that she is seeking half of the downtown area you can rent a house, two weeks ago, ran a number of intermediary companies is still

Unfunded. "Many homeowners hire only a half a year, talk to other conditions not directly rejected."

    It is understood that, recently, many people intend to rent in the short real estate agent under the guidance of the staff, from short into long-term lease rent. "Currently, there are few landlords choose short-term rental housing. Long-term lease for a minimum period a year also

Above. "Culture Road, a second-hand housing agency account manager Yang Yanyan said. Some people rent for six months or a few months unable to find short-term housing, had to choose long-term rental.

    In addition, long-term rental prices are generally short-term rental prices than the slightly more expensive. "Most of the long-term rental owners rely on rental housing as an economic source of heat in the case of the rental market, landlords are not afraid of no

Tenants. "Huamao a second-hand housing agency staff Luan Fang said. He said that while the short-term rental housing, the owner intends to wait a year or so most of the sale of housing, out of rental housing have the" no empty rooms

Son, "the purpose of rent, the tenant and the landlord bargaining space is very large. Reporter in this second-hand housing agency to see, the busiest section of Liangshiyiting ZHIFU small units of long-term rental housing rent prices in the 1100 general

Yuan; and similar sites, the same size of the short-term rental housing prices are generally around 1,000 yuan.


    There is no price difference million washing machines

    Journalists in a number of second-hand housing rental agency posted information to see, most of the rental information with the words "Fully Furnished" message, it is difficult to find availability for rental information.

    Why do these rental housing are "uniform" and "Fully Furnished"? For industry, told reporters that a full range of rental appliances rent is higher than the availability of housing rental prices. In general, as there is a laundry

Rental housing unit is no washing machine than the average monthly rent of housing higher than 100. General point of view, the same size, same location and the floor of the "Fully Furnished" rent housing space than a month of high rent housing

Out of 300 yuan.

    In order to rent a good price, some homeowners will go to flea market some of the old Amoy TV, old refrigerators and other Jiujia Dian, and buy the Jiu Jiadian only pay a few hundred dollars. However, the monthly rent of housing was able to rise 300 yuan, which

Definitely a pen "lucrative" deal.

    This reporter learned that, like the "home range" of rental housing are mostly long-term lease, and empty houses are mostly short-term rental. "'Fully Furnished' is mostly devoted to rental housing rental housing, mainly some of the empty house

Eager to sell the houses did not sell. "Luan Fang said.


    Rose 200 per month rent

    "Despite the fact that rental housing rent expensive, but people still come to choose to rent willing to opt for long-term lease, because housing is too tight, and short term future trouble more. Recently, we often encounter just posted live rent

Housing information, there is the case of the public choose to go home. "Yang Yanyan said. She said that, in general, slightly more expensive rental housing in a week can also have a tenant, affordable housing two or three days to find customer.

    Why the housing rental market is tight? Relevant to industry sources, on the one hand more and more banks tightening mortgage policy, some buyers will wait and see the people at the same time, instead choose to rent housing; the other hand,

Rent increase in the population, housing demand, housing rental prices have been bullish this year.

    "This year, rents rose too fast. Huamao my recent rental residential housing as an example of a Bedroom, last year's price of 1,000 yuan per month, and this year it rose to 1,200 yuan." Yang Yanyan said. She said that in the previous

Different years, has now entered the second half of the rental market is still very hot. Many tenants worried about rent prices will mostly choose to extend the rental period.

    Luan Fang told reporters, guests choose to extend the lease, on the one hand to meet their own homes, to prevent rent increases next year; the other hand, worry about tenants, some tenants can sublet, make the middle of the price difference.



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