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The experience of a pair of men and womens below same eave lives 3 kinds 3 kinds
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Not be the men and women that husband and wife also is not a lover to, however peaceful coexistence falls in same eave, the new way of life with not quiet give and accept of men and women of tradition of this kind of challenge, be in city youth men and women sadly popular. She and he, in the day of ” of “ collective life, what can you produce? The story of 3 respective independence is below.

Want to seek sense of a kind of a home to return to

Miss Li is the person that is born after 70 time, now, mixing to it Mr Wang that the age comparatives closes rent a 2 rooms the apartment of one hall. Two people become independent severally, have oneself illicit close space, but also mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned, such as, when both sides takes respective friend to play, must choose the time that is absent with house, lest disturb each other; The time of balcony of use sitting room, bilateral by turns; Encounter the problem in the life, both sides learns from others's strong points to offset his weakness, mutual help, be like, miss Li is met needlework, it is difficult that Mr Wang has, miss Li photograph is aided, mr Wang knows circuit, occurrence circuit problem, mr Wang is responsible etc. Because everything all has agreement in advance, two Christian that had sufferred campus get along two months come, both sides feels “ has felt ” . “ does not need to love to give affection and responsibility in that way like Tan Lian, careless, feel to there is an a home to return to in the life however, each other but coordinate, really relaxed comfortable ” . When accepting a reporter to interview, miss Li says, not be the person of a be gregarious as a child, dormitory of 10 years lets her fear. Reside alone although the life is footloose, but alone feeling lets her next the following days are very provoking, after busy job, she hopes to find Home “ ” . Hear of at this moment appeared white-collar apartment: Add up to the new public house of the one office of 2 rooms that rent for two people, decorate according to same standard, deployed television, shower implement, furniture, want to bring a portfolio only, can enter easily, “ is adding up to my meaning ” . But should look for closes it is very important to hire associate, miss Li says her present associate is wait in the spot that rent come, mr Wang also is in at that time the spot, both sides felt the other side, talked about each other the requirement to apartment, happen to have the same view unexpectedly, close hired this to cover a house.

Resemble a dormitory again like the home already

Cheng Jie already married nowadays get married, moved apartment, answer recall to close the day that hire, the sense is good in that way still. Cheng Jie's native place is in Jiangsu, celibate be in Shanghai. The foreigner that Shanghai is in previously rents privately owned house mostly, the feeling resembles living under another's roof a bit. Cheng Jie is in with landlord quarrel later bud moving thought, at this moment, she got the information that rents about apartment. The house that Cheng Jie takes a fancy to finally is 3 rooms two hall, already having two is Jiangsu together one male one female registered. 3000 yuan of right-and-left chummage 3 individual apportion, this is too relaxed really to Cheng Jie. Ferial in, 3 people have the job each. Excellent in the evening, ground of all over the country chats, overworked of a day is abreaction also into thin air. She says, the feeling that lives in apartment is to resemble the home already, resemble a dormitory again. Say it resembles the home, let a person feel because of the construction of the home in apartment warmth and kind, say it resembles a dormitory, the person that is together because of chummage is to have what the place stays and live after all, not be an intimate, so, everybody is polite, space land gets along, talking topic also is those avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, but very relaxed, become warped crural bifurcation, bright yock is OK, do not need to resemble managing love in that way be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. If there still is the job in the evening, the one's own little world of a person is OK also very quiet. Cheng Jie yearns for that paragraph of day up to now.
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