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Hire room old practice: A third party and we sleep to I should hate a piece of b
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Xie Qingcheng:


I often see your letter box, a third party often is involved inside, wife people often react very intense, be troubled by half alive, 3 people are painful. Actually I think, also have other processing way, I am willing to contribute my experience, share with sisters.

I and my gentleman are the net is loved, ERIC is Sichuan person, I am Changzhou person. He likes to rock and roll with roam about, often say oneself are the bird that does not have a foot only, stop no less than coming, but for me, he arrived Changzhou. Changzhou is too small, I think he is very doleful.

Last year, he and friend opened a public house in Shanghai, think the music that holds to oneself is good. But investor is an all men that see to money, eye is not long, after lasting a few months hardly, music eventually the person comes loose. I also had given help (I am primary school teacher, the job is quite busy, basically be to go on the weekend so) , discovery has a girl to call ANN in his inn, hold out with him close, I still had reminded him jokingly.

After bar closed, ERIC returns Changzhou, those who make me accident is, he also brought back ANN. He says ANN wants to seek a job in Changzhou, do not have enough money to lease a building again. Beginning ANN is to sleep in the sitting room > on the small bed in the sitting room, but every arrive in the middle of the night, ERIC can sneak away to go up to her bed. They may think I do not know, but in fact I every time awake, whats listen as clear as dayly.

This is a book in, in reality, the appears impossibly circumstance in TV, tell the truth, I also was cheated. On one hand, which man does not think he is Wei Xiaobao? ERIC is same also, I hope ERIC is happy, and ANN is to mix my appreciation is same a the man's woman, can have common language, can many friends are good also. On the other hand, ERIC has said the one's lot of ANN to me, she still is a child, should not live this kind of life that loafs about everywhere, without parents, nobody is favorite. I think innocently, I can give her a home, let her feel warm, can learn earn one's own living, find the person that oneself need truly, begin normal life. The weather is cold later, she very naturally moves to sleep to our bed, I sleep the right of ERIC, she sleeps left. ANN always says this is an unbalanced family, but I never had thought so, I want to include with love only with melt her.

Next a paragraph of day, we 3 people are very happy really. I went to work every morning at 7 o'clock, come off work 5:30, return the home, the room was cleaned, the dress was washed, hot meal hot food is in the desk is classy I. ERIC is opposite as far as possible our treat equally without discrimination, I am right ANN also as far as possible good, although do not have money, often still satisfy her small requirement, buy a dress, trousers, dot and so on that she likes for instance, cross birthday to wait a moment to her.

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