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Hire room old practice: Firm ズ of of second of class of Lu of of a surname of
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The sweetness of 1. newly-married

I and be good at emotional foundation should be very solid. Our amour happens in campus, when the university graduates, amour of a lot of campus is terminative because of this, but we underwent test.

We stay in Wuhan, hired the fossa ” that the authority between a Xiaochan loves when “ . Before long his unit provided an one room for him the housing of one hall, I cannot forget to be moved into the first day of new home forever, two people are laughing to roll that piece of double bed like the child, shouting aloud, eventually big bed sleeps!

That one evening, we are excited all night not Mian, talked about one evening, recollecting the terrified when two people in the school are together covertly and sweetness.

In those days, we do not have money to rent a house to outside school, the last instant that I can close in their schoolboy dormitory, arrow popularly rushs, he can look for an excuse to play the brother that are the same as the dormitory to adjoining dormitory, and I go up with respect to the bed that lies in him stealthily, gently ground drops mosquito net.

When waiting for him to come in, I will be so nervous that I screen lives breath, we are embraced closely, wait for the grunt that hears the as one falls in the dormitory, just dare be at ease Mian.

Arrived in the morning, schoolboys get up wash gargle, I just get dressed with the rapiddest rate, “ escapes ” gives schoolboy living quarter. The sort of day, resembling is to fight, clever ground and deal with of “ enemy ” , was full of stimulation.

After working one year, we married. Plain realization is funny if he proposes, he says, written guarantee early form is a knot behindhand, we cannot leave opposite party anyway, it is good to take testimony as breakfast.

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