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The belle exposes to the sun oneself: I spend the comfortable time that rent a h
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Clean to the person wash clothes cook etc can discharge chummage. The house is rented in the area stick on the website stick child, chinese female one, exchange chummage with labor, can give child take lessons after school lesson. Want special attention a bit, common saying says the heart that prevents a person cannot be not had, choose to have average family of the child without fail, do not carry the sort of clean easily to bachelor, touch on the allergy of and so on of king of homicide of heart city electric saw is bad. Go up quite the Asian family of class is better, but the family that also does not look for two over children, best child is bigger, carrying excrement to return make water is more depressed. This kind of property and become domestic nurse completely different, everybody attributes the significance of landlord lodger, because did not take money, so certain freedom is spent. Need to do big housekeeping of some a few appearance to talk about good thing first only, do not offer person use.

Shampoo, soap, bright skin water, cream cannot little. Put in end 's charge thoroughly, but individual sanitation and skin maintain still is very important. These can be bought from Wal-Mart. Besides, sock blower also can buy here. Still have a yuan of a few store, even cheaper than Wal-Mart, sell all sorts of oddment, be like nail-clippers, needlework. The leather muscle that plunges into a hair does not need to buy, when buying food, a lot of vegetable use leather muscle to bind, can get off to pester some of wool next, with will plunge into a hair. Every month spends these necessaries of lives about 50 the left and right sides.

As a female, buy makeup cost is indispensable. Although become teacher of take lessons after school, but be the job of inquire for person after all, student not dispute, but the parent sees bad. Must assure to change different clothes everyday, bathed otherwise others also can think to was not washed. A few inn buy bazaar antiquated clothes technically, can hit 7 fold, compensate of a POLOT is in about 5 can buy to 7 U.S. dollors, still be brand dress. Have second buy coat of woolen cloth of a cream-colored, same thing, there is a sale on the net, it is 80-150 left and right sides about, I with 25 buy, look very be able to pass. Buy the dress to cannot go Wal-Mart, thing difference does not say, and wear go out inglorious. Every mean monthly come down, buy dress is 70 U.S. dollors about.

The most expensive is car insurance and fat fee. Making fair car is not not OK, the month is expended about 100, but run home of a student costs possibly arrive two hours, and drive to want only about 10 to 15 minutes. Besides is very much moment, it is afternoon perhaps work in the evening, because this drives,cannot avoid quite. Fat fee about 100, still include to ramble among them Wal-Mart, buy food, perhaps look for dozen of oil that changes the clothes. Safe a month 35. Traffic expenses is 135.

Communication cost is indispensable. The mobile phone collects fees by the month, the month of 35 plans, impose all sorts of tax, for 50 U.S. dollors. Mix after 7 o'clock in the evening free on the weekend, other period of time has limit of 300 minutes, so besides with student parent contact, other telephone call is as far as possible after 7 o'clock. The short message is to want additional collect fees, do not close absolutely so or send a short message.
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