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Color confusing capacity for clear thinking became medium one man experience hir
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Pretend femaly to provide pornographic service, male take the chance to undertake theft, extortionate rob even. Recently, my district police uncovered the pornography that rent a house successfully one case to rob case, two are suspected of a men and women falling net.

This two average per capita are Hubei person, live in same a village. This year on August 1, after two people accompany comes to Xiao Shan, discussing next covering to entice the method of ” with “ pornography, search only around market of commercial city, service the person that work, young shopkeeper and come home the person that waits for a car does it. Much at 10 o'clock on August 3 morning, the Zhang Mou that works in desolate is when the car such as the station, many years old 30 profess the woman of ” of “ A Jiao, strike up a conversation actively with him. Be less than a few minutes, two people had talked to have sex with 20 yuan price. Temporarily the Zhang Mou of color confusing capacity for clear thinking is gotten community of well head king rents a house in. Enter a room, ” of “ A Jiao urges chapter master goes bathing. 10 thousand yuan of cash in pocket of trousers of Zhang Mou for fear that is stolen, wanted to leave then. Can be in at this moment, came in a man of devils, with ” of “ A Jiao neck of Zhang Mou of clutch of a firm, grabbed his money and mobile phone. Zhang Mou ponders repeatedly hind still conclude the case to police station newspaper.

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