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The landlord that do not have fine plays be missing 7 female 3 male confuse you
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I am a schoolgirl, another female classmate closes graduation hind and university rented a house. However, this is not …… of pure a room merely

The new style of white-collar apartment youth

A few years ago, dong Jie and An Zaixu acted the leading role one tells about the teleplay that closes the old practice that rent a house, let me remember ” of apartment of white-collar of “ of a new expression.

Graduation, each go straight towards a thing. Sad do not abandon, the happiness after also beginning to imagine occupy white-collar boarding house lives.
This is a newly-built village, move pole uses up costly name. A few high-rise tower aloft in riverside, the imagination wears …… of greenery, meadow, fountain to canter along bank, the twitter of early morning, what there is clay all round is pure and fresh
, resemble the scene in TV.

Got on 18 by elevator, elevator is very broken, because a lot of other peoples still are being decorated,landlord says, the board that protection uses was included in elevator, look older so, it is good to was torn open later.

The house looks not bad still. Grow long path to laying the real wood floor of deep coffee, both sides opened 3 doors each, the place that a size of a desk monarchs in footpath is putting freezer and microwave oven, the end is two closet, have water heater, big that put a washing machine, without the kitchen. Landlord says present white-collar won't oneself cook.
Because floor is very tall, the eye shot of the room is open. There is the floor remove from office of wooden floor grid in the room, rely on a wall to placing desk of one head of Zhang Chuangyi Zhang Dian and a chest, appear clean relaxed. Most those who let me jubilate is there is unexpectedly in the room greatly be born window! Move into with the classmate then here a the biggest house. The French window of full range wall, allegedly 28 make the same score rice. This is the ” of “ white-collar apartment in fokelore.

Landlord plays disappear 10 cohabitational lives of the individual

Since paid rent, landlord did not show a body again. Moved the home to just discover his thing is so so much, can fill in to be mixed into the table cabinet that confuses you far from in the bed. The one horn of the room became “ baggage ” of distributing center center, dry defecate bright becomes a disorder to be able to 't bear. Footpath also when unlike first time sees a room so quiet and neat.
Discover so 6 house altogether stayed in this flatlet gradually 10 people. Left lived twice each two girls, the 3rd is a schoolboy, right is a pair of “ the first small two ” , the 2nd also is a schoolboy, I and classmate live in right most inside that, lean in.

The day was heated up gradually, 10 mutual and new people begin to rise busily, meet the challenge of this summer, because here without air conditioning.
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