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Hire level section differentiates lone beauty hires an a small room to enjoy hap
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Generally speaking, the female hires a guest to often compare careful calculation and strict budgeting, take the quality of property itself seriously relatively not only, maturity of traffic advantage, form a complete set, safety has the property of safeguard to suffer a female to hire the guest's welcome quite, hold to also father quite to hire. According to concerning personage introduction, if to the acceptance of hire level according to lone woman degree differentiates, have 800 yuan / the month is the following, 800 - 2000 yuan / month, 2000 yuan / lunar above 3 kinds estimated the female rents a settle or live in a strange place.

Budget 800 yuan the following: Requirement traffic is convenient

The first kind hires guest type, main crowd is the female undergraduate that the other place is versed in firewood, this locality is read wait, demand of this kind of client is with hire level moderate, communication is easy, general meeting works in oneself or study place periphery chooses a room, in order to reduce traffic cost expenditure.

According to introducing, hire level under 800 yuan / lunar unit belongs to an area commonly small, the property with low unit price, is Lou Ling 10 years for the most part the one room that the commodity house of less than or course transform interval to become or cell.

   Budget 800 - 1500 yuan: Requirement sex price is compared tall

The 2nd end in planting the demand that female tenement compares to property sex price rises relatively, the price not only can control inside budgetary limits, and to shopping a travel advantage, village or courtyard manage and respect of floor space quality can have relatively high demand. And this kind of client is the female undergraduate with female of single work firewood and relatively advantageous living conditions more.

Express according to concerning personnel, general board piece inside many public transportation course reachs city inside main shopping centre, the building with convenient traffic is medium the first selection that carries female client to choose a room. They live to beg the environment is easy, do not mind overpay a bit money, like a few two rooms walk-up property hire is in 1200 yuan / lunar left and right sides, and have the elevator, unit that heads furniture electric equipment 1500 yuan / month.

   Budget 2000 yuan of above:

Form a complete set of requirement business affairs serves

Tenement of the 3rd kind of female is advanced and lone white-collar of the job or foreign nationality female commonly. According to introducing, foreign nationality female hires a guest to prefer the unit with big area, if be female of business affairs white-collar, more the requirement pays attention to business affairs form a complete set to serve, and whether to wash clothes, send the chamberlain type form a complete set such as eat, cleanness the service.
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