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Between the miners digging underground Standard couples receive tens of dollar
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Under the continuing concern in the newspaper, Zhongyuan District 6 m deep excavation dig "underground standard room" Chen was finally allowed to enjoy the New Year's low-rent housing policy. Starting from November, Chen will receive less than the New Year couple hundred dollars a month in cash subsidies . They also declared with the five residents of shanty towns, has also been approved low-rent housing management. "Good books, from November began to receive money." Yesterday, Chen told reporters that New Year's wife, October 31, Zhongyuan District Lianzu Ban to inform them for the book. Chen said the New Year, the District Lianzu Ban said that the other five residents of shanty towns, but also allowed to enjoy the monetary benefits. We calculated that 80 per month will enjoy a subsidy to 120 per month. "The price rise was so extreme, that the money would not achieve the role of Han." New Year's wife Chen said, the subsidy can not solve the real housing problem. Introduction of Director Zhang Zhongyuan District Lianzu Ban Chen received the New Year couple hundred dollars less than housing subsidies, the subsidy is strictly implemented in accordance with relevant national policies. Central Plains Region is currently low-rent housing has long been allocated, including the Lao Chen Couples, including multi-family residents can enjoy a temporary monetary subsidies. "To be honest, the money is indeed less." Director Zhang said the Court's low-cost housing area lake, natural gas, heating, a family of three can be allocated 50 square meters of housing, less than 20 dollars a month rent. Lao Chen took less than couple hundred dollars in subsidies, obviously not in the market rent to the Court, like the lake house as low-rent housing. "To enjoy these houses, you need to get qualified." Director Zhang says, and what kind of conditions that need, she made no further description. A number of residents surveyed said they did not expect how much money the government only hope that this part of the subsidy money to rent close to the market price.
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