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The China that held recently develops high-level forum to be able to go up 2008, housing and Jiang Wei of minister of ministry of urban and rural construction are new think, house price issue of China is supply and demand not just the element of two respects, still people psychology anticipates a problem. For this, his citing says, after the graduate of a college of western developed country also should work a few years, ability buys a house quite, why does our undergraduate graduate be about to buy a house? (see on March 24 " Chinese youth signs up for " )

Compared with those “ maiden girl drives house price to rise ” with “ nail door brings about house price to rise for the informed opinion of ” , although the analysis of ginger minister is a few more major and authoritative angle, but also have the place that lets a person look not to understand at the same time.

Can be this word understood to drive house price to rise into “ college graduate ” ?

We cannot oversight a such facts, graduate of great majority college is not to using the money that he makes to buy a house, buy a house in the economic actual strength that cites a family however. So, not be an undergraduate a person is buying a house, however the person of their parents, whole society is buying a house. Want to say undergraduate “ idea has problem ” , that also is the undergraduate's thing not merely. So, we must relax the eye that analyses a problem.

We are same cannot of oversight is, in the developed country, normally more perfect cheap hires house system. Besides the many cheap that the government offers rents a house, still many private house can manage sexual ground to rent for a long time. Although college graduate does not buy a house, also do not have living anxiety. And be in China, cheap rents a house very few, the person that great majority does not have a room is forced to hire private housing, and market of present private and rental room is unusually troubled, moving several times one year is ” of “ common occurrence on many person. Of growth of market of this kind of rental room insalubrious, inadequate, interrupted the hires a room to get along thought of undergraduates of large quantities of one strong finish school.

Is the most crucial to buy room be to one's profit to still hire room be to one's profit? If because house price rises too quickly,not be nearly two years, common people won't lift the family's force to lift debt, loan to buy a house even. Rising too quickly because of house price, fear to be not bought now, later more can not afford a room, this ability forms ” of “ scare buying. The scare buying that is not common people forms house price to rise too quickly. Ins and outs cannot convert.

After all the time of housing system reform of our country is not long, had not formed perfect housing to guarantee a system. Meantime produces a few confused phenomena to also belong to hard to avoid. For instance, the people of western developed country buys a house, it is the purpose that belongs to a kind to pursue more high quality life more. And nowadays Chinese buys a house, belong to a kind of basic life need roughly. Is this a kind of of transition period special appearance?
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