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Lunar hire is as high as 60 thousand to go up amount to decuple short hire Fang
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My house is located in “ beach of north of road of sunny district big station, 3 rooms two hall two defend 160 smooth rice, the month hires valence 60 thousand yuan. Landlord Ms. Liu of ” Beijing is right " the market signs up for " the reporter says, “ my overseas leaves class hour to like boarding house of live front courtyard, feel sweeter than average public house. This house is apartment of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, clothbound is repaired and have cycle brand-new furniture electric equipment, the hope can hire the Euramerican tourist that comes to Beijing during the Olympic Games. ”
Subsequently, she calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: The establishment of her apartment and hotels of no less than 5 stars class, and day all hire has 2000 yuan only, be equivalent to majority only the price between standard of hotel of 5 stars class, “ is on the price or have the ” of the advantage very much. The reporter understands, pour timing needle to point to 140 days as the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games weak point of Beijing house-owner hires enthusiasm all-time and rising

“ is short ” of the source that rent a house rises two into

“ is not to say to arrive 24 days from August 8, 2008, will the accommodation number that is in Beijing every night reach 320 thousand person, having 280 thousand person among them is domestic and international tourist. If they are medium,the person that has 30% does not live hotel, mean everyday 80 thousand person is met choice weak point is hired. ” this year oneself hack house sign in June, be about later be eager for doing sth is joined short the idea of Mr Lin that hires landlord army was represented join mostly short the idea that hires landlord team person
The near future, more and more house-owner began to make the decision that Olympic Games weak point hires, the building that they are themselves with all sorts of channel through landed intermediary in succession can hire a good price during the Olympic Games and trying hard. According to real estate of home of catenary of intermediary orgnaization “ ” statistic shows: In rental Fangyuan hanging out his shingle since Feburary, the landlord that has 71.5% insists to rent only this year June, bring about area “ directly amount of ” of the short source that rent a house has 2 to become above rise considerably. Since “3 month, big quarter, Xiaoguan, be good at circle in the air the bridge and the area of Olympic Games concept such as double spring fort, at least has than much formerer 4 become house-owner are in advisory Olympic Games is short hire. An intermediary orgnaization personage tells ” " the market signs up for " reporter. And go up in Internet, website of numerous classification information and website of a few house property already also centered a large number of short information that rent a house. The controller of the 58 networks that be the same as a city that rolled out “ Olympic Games to hire room ” special subject is right " the market signs up for " the reporter expresses: “ Olympic Games is short the newer capacity recently carries the source that rent a house be in 2000 / day, news of cause of accumulative total room already near 20 thousand. ”
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