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Room source bottleneck breaks through wealth tax policy to stimulate cheap to hi
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Old king of family of double tired ” saw the “ that answers Long Guan to hire a room to live in Beijing hope.

On March 18, when Beijing housing safeguard does interview of broadcasting station of place of concerned controller be a guest, express, the “ that enjoys cheap to hire room policy with monetary allowance means family of double tired ” , can choose monetary allowance to turn objective deserves to hire.

Old Home Wang Yi is enjoying Beijing 40 yuan / square metre / monetary cheap of the month hires room allowance, but the capital of governmental subsidy can't make its family is in 8 areas hire the city an one-room flat. If monetary allowance turns to deserve to hire for objective, old Home Wang Yi is enjoyed likely on the cheap that the government provides directly rents a house.

But, although can turn to deserve to hire for objective by monetary allowance, at present Beijing can hire room room source for matching the cheap that hire not much.

Carry program by housing and research center of policy of department of urban and rural construction " perfect hire housing system to consider with innovation cheap " (cheap of “ of the following abbreviation hires system ”) report to point out, at present countrywide cheap hires a room to be in build, build, already built an amount to still be less than 240 thousand. The housing safeguard of this low to countrywide town income is ” of “ an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation for the family.

Meanwhile, wu total bureau already allotted the Ministry of finance and national tax to hire room, economy about cheap jointly the construction of safeguard sex housing such as applicable room, rented favourable policy, the intention that this policy stimulates cheap to hire room supply to promote is apparent.

Room source difficult problem

Rent a house to cheap for, instantly most those who be short of still is room source.

Beijing is in “ puts forward in plan of safeguard of 915 ” housing, future will build 1.5 million square metre cheap rent a house. But this to the number that at present Beijing accords with cheap to hire Fang Shen to ask a condition, the amount still shows inadequacy.

Afore-mentioned Beijing safeguard do a personage to also point out, beijing cheap hires room room source very nervous, the cheap that application turns to deserve to hire for objective by monetary allowance hires a room to ensure a family, should notice to await the risk of room source.

So far, explain without public data Beijing cheap hires the condition of room room source.

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