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Ministry of French housing construction is curule because be suspected of taking
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French housing and director of urban minister office let — protect Er · rich to Lufeier took up because of be suspected of cheap rents a house on December 20 and be forced to resign.

French premier government office publishs bulletin 20 days to say, premier humble always agrees with housing and calm of cloth of urban head of a department think Bolufeier should resign. Cloth calm also publishs bulletin to say that day, although she believes Bolufeier is in moral respect is unimpeachable, but the attention of consideration public opinion to this matter and reaction, she agrees with Bolufeier to resign.

France " duck cries newspaper " weekly was announced on December 19, rich Lu expends Er to go up oneself the cheap of a when the hire since 80 time of century is located in Parisian downtown 190 square metre rents a house, but the 1/4 that pays hire to be market price case only. This report causes the wide attention of public opinion. Bolufeier says to this explanation, he did not use a privilege in the process that rent a house, if hire room process to be put in “ error ” really, the “ that also is concerned branch manages problem ” .

Hire house system according to French cheap, the government can be in downtown is flourishing a sector of an area to a few population much and the family with low income offers large area cheap to rent a house, live in order to make the family of different income estate has an opportunity in same block, avoid isolation of social occurrence the rich and the poor and the other society problem that cause from this.

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