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Cheap hires a room how to make common people opinion truly effective into the ho
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By Chinese net, " China trade morning paper " 5 years catchword ” activity ends the “ netizen elect by ballot that rolls out jointly, share 200 thousand netizen to participate in voting, before “ cheap hires the selected catchword such as ” of housing system ” , “ harmonious society 10, “ cheap hires housing system ” to discharge the first place.

“ cheap hires room ” first what list 10 craze language, let us see many social problems.

Nearly two years house price soars, brought the difficulty on housing to a lot of people, not only it is difficult to buy a house, it is difficult also to rent a house, the violent wind of house price rises, also drove those who hire house price to rise. Be in Shanghai, core line less than, rental price is in the housing of one-room flat every months commonly 1500 yuan of above, and be in Beijing, the great majority place of 4 annulus less than, one-room flat rents valence is this level. And the university is graduate 2006 the “ median ” of wage income, for every months 2107 yuan. Such house value income is compared, it is very difficult to let them rent a house? Other low income person the circumstance cans be imagined. An investigation that builds ministry, civil administration department shows: Countrywide town is small protect what housing difficulty exists in the family to have 4 million about; Occupy construction ministry additionally to calculate, at present the whole nation still has floor area of average per capita the family of difficulty of low income housing under 10 square metre is close 10 million. Such calculating come, after all how many person needs cheap to rent a house!

So much person needs cheap to rent a house, but cheap hires a room to demand exceeds supply however. Current, cheap hires housing to ensure an object basically is low preserve a family, up to last year the end of the year, solved 268 thousand only low the housing problem that keeps a family, occupy only 6.7% . Additional, take town family total a several low income families of 5.5% , also should be included what cheap rents a house to supply an object. But consider to make clear, 2006, our country builds cheap 512 times to hire the city of house system, cheap hires room investment to be occupied only in those days 0.36% what estate invests. The whole nation still had 145 cities 2006 (include) of city of class of 141 city of 4 ground level, counties, did not build cheap to hire housing system.

Cheap hires Fang Ji to be short of, the power that providing cheap to rent a house at local government is insufficient. Gold of land sell one's own things is called local “ ” of the 2nd finance, according to media coverage, at present the 40%~60% of capital construction capital comes from the city of a gleam of of area of Chinese the eastpart part gold of land sell one's own things. How many of gold of land sell one's own things, depend on the discretion of house price, and if fulfil cheap to hire room policy seriously, be sure to help small house price. House price is reduced, meeting influence grows to local GDP, want local government to offer the growth rate that cheap rents a house and abandons economic interest and GDP, not allow apparently easy. So, cheap of a lot of places hires a room to build the operation logy, appear even the phenomenon with the unused a long time after cheap hires a room to had been built. Common people hires a room to have to cheap expect, have complaint, cheap of down to “ hires house system ” to become the hottest catchword, not fathomless.
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