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Secondhand room room source chooses " 4 a magic weapon " aid you relaxed buy cou
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Draw near as “3·15” increasingly, the problem that counterpoises about consumer dimension makes the central point of attention again, and house property serves as the substantial with consumer life be closely bound up, its trade link should get attention as much. And for the consumer that be bought to predicting or rents house property, on any account of gotten quality of room cause news, be whether obtain gratified flexibly one of premise with the most principal house property. But, in all sorts of ways that win room source, which kinds are the most effective? What risk can you encounter? What to need to identify a process? Be aimed at the existing way that wins room source, center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home is special have the common way of source of 4 kinds of rooms summing up, consult in order to have:

Obtain room source through newspaper: Convenient and quick but effectiveness is poor

General component is the room cause news that appears on newspaper two kinds, namely the ad message that company of house property intermediary and individual carry. Be in at present of the capital each are big in newspaper, can concern building business, rented ad message everyday almost, for this, getting a house to consumer is very convenient and quick for the source. But, in the advertisement room source that carries in current newspaper, put in a few false information likely. For example, to attract a client, make the price intentionally a lot of lower than circumjacent area, the fine house source that already perhaps will rent or offers is published come out, achieve the consumer that entice to seek advice, achieve “ to cover the purpose of ” client thereby; Perhaps regard the carrier that undertakes “ camera bellows operates ” as room source advertisement. The “ that resembles once astonishing inside and outside of course of study ” of firm stone incident, used newspaper ad to suffer the characteristic with numerous vast group namely, release the rental building advertisement that exceeds low to attract customer, provide customer next year pay rent, pay rent to owner month again, handle ” bilk customer through such “ camera bellows house money is close 4 million yuan.

Accordingly, to the room source message that carries on newspaper, ” of real estate of “ catenary home warns customer, should the look upon of one divides into two. To low piece with the building with overmuch value of market of area house property, answer to make an on-the-spot investigation carefully, is not to believe easily. Additional, as company of a few broker false Fang Yuanxin ceases in succession exposure, consumer is increased to the inimical force of broker company, make company of a few broker begins to change direction pretend to be an individual to release false information, cause the ” of “ bogus owner with a certain quantity of existence on the market thereby, not only make the effectiveness of room source becomes poor, still make consumer falls easily into the trap that be cheated. Accordingly, consumer should scrupulously abide by “ capital sturdily to superintend the autograph on ”“ net to arrange the order such as ” , let sham room source not have can get for nothing.
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