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South all round the ave
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Basic message

City: Yantai

Area: Zhi Fu area

Building address: South all round the ave, triumphal way reachs east, big profit hair reachs on the west

Type: Average house

Door model: 1 room 1 hall 1 defend 1 hutch

Infrastructure: Water and electricity, gas, central heating, kitchen, wired, alloy window, door of guard against theft

Property information

Floor: The 3rd

Front: East

Floor area: 30 smooth rice

Decorate a circumstance: New clothes is repaired

Establishment of form a complete set: Floor, bed, furniture, air conditioning, water heater, lampblack machine

Beg hire information

Hire: 700 yuan / month

See a room at any time: Deny

Period of validity: 2008-8-14 12:57:38

Remarks: Oneself oneself live, have proper profession, the longest live one year, the briefest half an year, belong to transfer temporarily, bridal chamber is in east outskirt gets next year 51 around ability is entered. If chummage is proper and cheap but hand in half an year to control, intended person contact with me please

Contact information


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