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Construction following sends an announcement: Adjust interest rate of saving of
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China builds a ministry to build hall to each province, municipality, accumulation fund of housing of large unit of construction of production of municipality directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang manages management center of accumulation fund of committee, housing to allot an announcement, with respect to tone item of interest rate of saving of accumulation fund of whole person housing gives specification.

The announcement says, basis on December 20, 2007 " Chinese people bank puts loan about adjusting financial orgnaization RMB standard interest rate and on air people bank borrows money again to financial orgnaization (rediscount) the announcement of float interest level " (silver hair [2007]467 date) , the concerned item that adjusts with respect to interest rate of saving of individual housing accumulation fund now informs as follows:

One, rise from December 21, 2007, go up the individual housing accumulation fund of year of carry forward moves 0.45 percent on saving interest rate, by active 2.88% adjust for 3.33% . The interest rate of saving of individual housing accumulation fund that puts in collect 's charge in those days reduces 0.09 percent, by active 0.81% adjust for 0.72% .

2, interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund keeps changeless.

Ask each province, municipality to build hall to will inform transmit of each housing to management center of accumulation fund of committee of accumulation fund management, housing is carried out originally instantly.

Add: Individual housing accumulation fund puts loan interest rate to adjust watch unit: %

The interest rate after the interest rate before the project is adjusted is adjustedOne, individual housing accumulation fund deposits moneyIn those days capture puts 0.81 0.72Go up year of carry forward 2.88 3.332, individual housing accumulation fund borrows money5 years the following (contain 5 years) 4.77 4.775.22 5.22 of 5 years of above

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