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Real estate supplies pattern to have change cheap hires room economy applicable
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According to " 瞭 looks at news weekly " report, took high house price all the way 2007, there was some of hesitate eventually when approaching the end of the year: Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai for a time house price is mad the city that go up, begin to appear of different level trade the volume drops phenomenon, about be in a series of below macroscopical adjusting control, whether has house price appeared the discussion of inflection point begins lively rise.

The estate market 2008 will face two big problems: One of, since housing system was reformed 1998, estate market had experienced nearly 10 years go up situation, accumulate in the adjusting control policy of in successive years below, can 2008 be adjustment inflection point? Secondly, will be below the premise that strictlies observe ” of red line of “ of 1.8 billion mus of farmland, adopt cheap to hire room, economy applicable room and market adjust 3 kinds of means enlarge supply. Construction ministry ever expressed, future inside 3 years, cheap hires room and economy applicable room investment will be shown reverse a trend. If it is so, market of the estate before changing order thoroughly supply pattern.

Chinese estate and residential seminar are standing vice-chairman Bao Zonghua thinks, the construction of housing system and the theme that perfecting will be 2008. Show level to want with medium, low with lowermost income person for the key, enlarge cheap to hire room, economy of the safeguard sex housing such as applicable housing cover a range: It is to develop cheap to rent a house energetically. The cheap on international hires a room to occupy housing to put the proportion of the quantity not to exceed 5% commonly. But our country's current condition is far under this one scale, so, our country will accelerate perfect cheap to hire the pace of housing system 2008; 2 it is to build economy energetically applicable room. Begin from 2008, the government ought to raise hard in low price, medium of housing of small family general goods supply; 3 it is high-grade housing takes market adjustment kind. High-grade housing market basically will rely on market adjustment, but what must restrain housing to invest demand energetically is excessive expand, reasonable adjusting control is big model the construction proportion of higher-priced housing.

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