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How to hire gratified flexibly these problems before room of fine house land ren
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Near future building rents the market gradually get warm again after a cold spell, clinch a deal the volume rises, many netizen incoming telegrams refer the question of of all kinds law that comes up against in the process that rent a house. Here, a few big questions that concern with respect to the netizen make a reply

Ask: When signing a building to rent a contract, how is the autograph makes an appointment with a person property right person does?

Answer: If sign the person of the contract,not be property right person, exist possibly the representative concerns or relet concerns. If be put in what the representative concerns, the original of accredit a power of attorney that needs to property right person entrusts an autograph to make an appointment with a person (best course is notarial) ; If be put in what relet concerns, need property right person to agree with the original of certify to file of relet, when the certify to file that if property right person agrees with relet,agrees in the contract is truthless, sublessor agree is carried why to plant responsibility. Additional, still need to notice property right person is shared for a few people, but the autograph makes an appointment with a person is only among them when one person, need to original of not present a power of attorney of accredit of person of other property right perhaps agrees with rental proof original to wait. If not be of afore-mentioned case, criterion tenant ought to take care all the more, do not sign boldly about, lest be deceived.

Ask: How to pay hire and deposit?

Answer: “ pays × detain ×” is the to terms of payment of hire and cash pledge common in the market that rent says, pay 3 mortgage for instance one, show hire is first phase to pay by 3 months namely, cash pledge amount is the hire of a month. Specific a few months pay first phase rent, decide by state of each one oneself. Pay rent, regard tenant as main obligation, time and way pay in what the agreement must make clear to be clear about terminally hire in the contract, and the responsibility of breach of contract that exceed the time limit did not pay. The form with this kind of common responsibility of breach of contract is: Every exceed the time limit is added one day receive certain proportion fine for delaying payment, and if exceed certain reasonable time limit (for instance 30 days) , lessor is OK one-sided removes the contract that rent, be helpful for safeguarding the rent profit of lessor already, can give tenant reasonable wide within a definite time again.

Cash pledge is in jural call “ to rent bail ” , basically use at touching strong tenant to ought to be assumed but not the fee that capture pays. How much should cash pledge pay, ought to according to lease accident, decorate the element such as amount of home appliance of all of degree, home and value to decide. To lessor, cash pledge number is higher, safeguard performance is stronger. But a lot of people can misunderstand cash pledge into deposit, will strictly tell, both belong to two completely different ideas, there is extraordinary agreement in the contract only when, cash pledge just has deposit assure action.
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