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Cruel landlord rents a house " hole you " before discussing to rent a house, sho
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I have “ problem report! Especially the undergraduate hires a house to must notice! ” lives in Heilongjiang road Mr Wu of one dweller village calls our newspaper, remind be about to graduate the undergraduate that prepares to lease a building: Some landlord are not honest and kind, bully an undergraduate technically!

Mr Wu tells a reporter, there is an other people to live in 7 buildings in their village, family person lives in the building on very attic, downstair 3 rooms are hired respectively went out. “ may be the student compares good ‘ to bully ’ , simple reason, this landlord leases the building to the undergraduate that the other place applies for a job in Nanjing only. But a month can have every other lodger is driven to go out. Mr ” Mr Wu says, the student that “ is evicted to go often is the living facilities that destroyed landlord, wait like bed, chair. According to landlord and the simple agreement that the undergraduate signs, before the undergraduate is entered, hand in 400 - 500 yuan of cash pledge are taken did not come back. ” such, almost this other people can have every month the undergraduate that does not take deposit and landlord are troubled by contradiction to dial 110, but 110 came also of no help. Mr Wu says, the student that a lot of dwellers in the village come out to be being driven sympathizes with unceasingly, feel very furious to the practice of this neighbour, the path ” of the “ unripe money that deducted the cash pledge renting a house of next students to become this family actually.

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Undergraduate experience world is not dark, the experience that rents a house is scant also, affirmed oneself want the house that rent, the fluctuation neighbour that can look for landlord before signing a contract asks. Will can avoid to sublessor pretends to be the circumstance of landlord, the 2 landlord contact with that will prevent not as honest and kind as “ ” , bring about oneself to be in an unfavorable situation. Of course if can find the relevant chief of community, gotten result is more authoritative. To protect oneself rights and interests, must not disrelish a trouble!

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