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Hire a room to want to notice: One room appears two landlord hire a guest to hir
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Take over a 2 rooms from friend place the house of one hall, just did procedure 10 minutes, one claims the gentleman of landlord appears suddenly, insist to want to conclude to it new contract. It is the building that just takes over rents a contract at the same time, urging at the same time conclude a contract afresh, is this how to return a responsibility after all? 26 days, mr Wu calls the citizen hot line of Fuzhou daily party newspaper 83751111 report this matter.

Mr Wu tells a reporter, he is in lake east crossing runs a beautiful store, via the person of the same trade Mr Wang introduces, he at 26 days afternoon 15 when the lake smooth garden that the left and right sides took over Mr Wang to be hired before 4 101 rooms, except pay 750 yuan of deposit, still bought a few furniture in the room, spent 1800 yuan in all. Can do to hand over formalities to just pass 10 minutes, mr Cao that calls house-owner oneself appears suddenly, ask to sign a contract afresh with Mr Wu, make him one-time make 3200 yuan of deposit, change a lock to drive a person otherwise.

Mr Wu sees the building on him hand rent a contract, rent above just be Xie Mou, how to appear again landlord Mr Cao? The reporter notices, rental square Xie Mou did not mention expressly on the contract that rent connection address and Id number.

According to introducing, mr Wang is in in the past of 7 months bear inside lease, follow Xie Mou and the cousin husband that thank some to contact all the time, every month makes chummage and water charge of electricity on time, had not produced any problems.

Mr Wu dials the connection telephone of the Xie Mou on the contract rapidly, it is one each from beginning to end the man that calls Xie Mou cousin husband is received listen, call him replaceable Xie Mou handle all matters concerned, but reject to appear.

Mr Cao introduces, before going abroad, he rented his house a lodger, lunar hire 800 yuan, began June from this year, he also did not get rent again, by chance this occupied go back to the motherland, come home hit explore to make visit. “ did not think of bout will be touched on such thing, the person that oneself house is not known unexpectedly is hired will be hired. Requirement of Mr ” Mr Wu Mr Cao issue house property proof, but Mr Cao says he lives in abroad all the time, not very cares the thing of the house, did not handle house property card so. The reporter understands, mr Wang also did not examine his relevant certificate when renting a house to Xie Mou, because this also cannot determine Xie Mou's status.

To this, fujian far east becomes king of attorney office solicitor to ask for authority to tell a reporter greatly, above all, from jural tell, below the case that tenant was not examining the relevant certificate such as house property card with give tenement to sign the contract that rent, this kind of behavior is very inappropriate when, fall in the circumstance that agrees without property right person again its relet, do not have legal basis more, had not cleared up in property right person so before, what of very difficult judgement is what blame.
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